The beverage market is on the rise but building your own facility requires a substantial initial investment, often millions of dollars in capital. Contract manufacturing is a far more financially viable alternative to both starting and expanding a beverage brand. Contract manufacturing is marketable to both established companies that want to expand volume without the enormous cost of building a new facility or expanding capacity for new brands looking to enter the market. The demand for contract manufacturing has been expanding whereas there is a thin supply of good contract manufacturing options in the US with significant caveats.

The market of companies looking for quick pivoting beverage products is also on the rise. The ability to pivot from one product to another in a constantly evolving market, now more than ever, requires non-traditional manufacturing ability. This ability is seen best at Octopi. Octopi enables all beverage companies to produce national launches of products in less time than traditional manufacturing channels without the upfront cost. This enables Octopi’s clients to be first to market, propelling the client’s brand.